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Dongguan Famous Precision Technology Co.,Ltd is a dedicated developer and manufacturer of Microwave Communication Antennas in common frequency band from 2 to 60 GHz. Microwave communication antenna are available as 0.16m, 0.2m, 0.3m, 0.45m, 0.6m, 0.9m,1.2m,1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, and 3.7m diameters.  

We always put technology innovation as the leading head, keep the same pace with the highest level of the world. Our all antennas can meet EU ETSI Class 3, recently we worked out to improve the gain from 30dB to 40dB for big diameter XPD dish antennas,  that means a wide frequency range and ultra high performance XPD ETSI Class 4 dish antennas, which will be introduced to market by us soon. 

    0.16m-1.2m diameter parabolic antennas: Molded in compression casting with four columnar oil hydraulic press, is fine in consistency of products and with high precision reflector. We also provide reflecting surface with rms value <0.1mm for specific use. 

   1.8m-3.7m diameter parabolic antennas: Use the reflecting surface with the central integral spinning and edge splitting structure design. Fully meet the EU ETSI-class3 and obtained the national patent, Facilitate package and transportation. 

   New Arrival: Corrugated horn antenna, with cost-effective and high performance, enable customers accessing the Internet with domain antenna have more choice.

   Equipped with more advanced facilities and equipment, our company has high production capacity with an annual of 300K sets small diameter antennas and 5K sets large one. Besides, we also work in collaboration with industry peers on key antenna parts.

1 CNC Spinning Machine (to produce 3.7m big microwave communication antennas)

8 four columnar oil hydraulic press 

52 CNC Process Center

30 CNC Lathes

We have built the first-class antenna test outfield system, own ISO9001, ISO14001 and other international certifications, boast perfect quality assurance system, professional antenna R&D team and production management team, all these ensure every Microwave Communication antenna manufactured by us at high quality, are trustworthy to each customer. Dongguan Famous Precision Technology Co.,Ltd, reliable to the end.

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